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Holmes Solutions deliver smart engineering solutions through design, testing and innovation. They are industry leaders who reimagine existing ideas and design new products. They have a ‘whole business’ approach which allows them to help clients find strategic success.
Holmes Solutions team of engineers provide clients across the globe with ...

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Zeynep Yasar
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Holmes Solutions Announces a Powered Pod Transportation System, a Carbon- and Infrastructure-Light Urban Transport System Employing Cable-to-Rail Technology

Holmes Solutions is unveiling a Powered Pod Transportation System, an innovative technology allowing for the seamless transportation of passengers, patrons, or cargo using cable to rail transitions. This new technology drastically reduces the infrastructure costs and impact of “last-mile” transportation systems using pods and regenerative electric power along with low cost cable. It was developed by Holmes Solutions, the experimental engineering division of the global engineering company Holmes Group Limited. Holmes Solutions has worked with organizations around the world including NASA, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and KiwiRail.
The flexibility and savings introduced into transit networks by adding powered pods comes from the system’s ability to transition from cable to rail at speed, an innovation that promises to disrupt the transit industry for the better. Cable-based systems feature low installation cost, low visual pollution, low maintenance cost, high throughput, on-demand operation, and proven safety records. Cable spans in the Holmes Solutions system are targeted to cover 650 feet between supports for a high throughput span and 2,000 feet for a low throughput span. The use of cables dramatically reduces the inputs and infrastructure required for a pod-type transportation system. The Holmes Solutions system incorporates sections of rail between cable spans to effectively “bend” cables to fit any regional transportation layout.
With the Holmes Solutions transportation system’s reduced infrastructure costs come a reduced carbon footprint. Building materials and construction as a sector contribute to 11% of global CO2 emissions, and cement produces 8% of CO2 in the world. Reducing the volume of material used, while reducing carbon-heavy transportation in urban areas, helps reduce the environmental impact of daily transportation.
The Holmes Solutions pods’ regenerative electric power further reduces the system’s environmental impact, without hampering its applications and practicality. Holmes Solutions pods are designed to have enough range to run continuously during peak commuting periods and can recharge during quieter times. 
The system’s energy use estimates and CO2 impact are comparable to modern electric cars, if not slightly better, as Holmes pods are lighter weight per person carried, requiring no tires, suspension systems, or heavy components. Having a fully electric system in addition to the removal of road dependance also reduces other potentially harmful emissions.
“Cable-to-rail systems have great potential to solve some basic issues in urban transportation, issues that monorails or other infrastructure-intensive approaches simply can’t address as efficiently and flexibly,” explains Chris Allington, CEO of Holmes Solutions, who recently presented the impacts of the Holmes cable to rail technology at the international 2019 Podcar City Conference in San Jose, California. “Our past work with everything from roadside safety to cable-to-rail rides like Tennessee’s Flying Ox have helped us refine this technology. We believe it has the capability to meet the needs of urban transport and cargo carriers in a sustainable, safe, cost effective, and efficient way.”
About Holmes Solutions

Holmes Solutions deliver smart engineering solutions through design, testing and innovation. They are industry leaders who reimagine existing ideas and design new products. Holmes Solutions team of engineers provide clients across the globe with tailor-made solutions; from research and development, to compliance and certification. Their internationally accredited ISO 17025 test facilities and field testing capability make them a unique one-stop shop for product development.
Holmes Solutions is part of the Holmes Group, an organization of independent engineering and design specialists. Spanning diverse technical disciplines of structural, fire, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, the Holmes Group firms work as an integrated whole.